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Eye Candy 7 comes complete with over 1,500 presets, conveniently organised by category and a variety of 32 filters which include Animal Skin, Rust, Chrome, Smoke, Reptile Skin, Brushed Metal and Shadow.

Eye Candy also improves the user experience with tools such as a preview of how filters will appear when applied to a photo, a real-time preview of the opacity of a mask, simple explanations of the controls, and context-sensitive help.

Eye Candy helps you quickly explore and design looks. In Eye Candy 7, effects are chosen through easy-to-recognize icons rather than text menus. Presets are rapidly previewed by simply moussing over them. The theme is less clicking and more visual browsing. Many Eye Candy effects use transparency, so we moved the transparency display control out of the preference panel and put it under the main preview. This lets you quickly switch the background between checkerboard, black, white, or a custom solid color.

The program can be used with several of the windows of Adobe Photoshop. In each case, Eye Candy works with a foreground area, which provides the design. Eye Candy applies styles and effects to the foreground area in the same way that a professional designer would create a poster, brochure, or T-shirt. Youll be given extensive control of the look of the image, including color, space, and motion.

Alien Skin developed Eye Candy to provide the most dynamic blend of intense artistic control and ease of use. It also offers a huge range of stylistic possibilities that were not available in past versions.

This software is a single entry in Photoshops filter menu allowing you to create visual effects that are difficult to achieve by using only Photoshop alone. To explore all of our effects without having to leave Eye Candy is very fast and easy.

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Just like Eye Wiggly, you can use the new Wiggly Nose feature to easily alter the position of any nose in a photo. Just drag a new nose into the image, move it around, and when finished, simply go back to Eye Candy 7 to save it.

Use the Wiggly Mouth feature to move eyes, lips, teeth, gums, tongue, the entire mouth, and the top of the mouth in an image. Wiggly Mouth can be used to easily place big smiling, big angry, scared, crazy, or really big friendly mouths on your image. When youre finished, simply go back to Eye Candy 7 to save it.

Wiggle Eyes, Wiggle Nose, Wiggly Mouth, and Wiggly Face are all included in Eye Candy 7 as part of the Face replacement effects. Wiggly Face lets you creatively place the entire face of an image on another photo. Use Wiggly Face to create smiles, chins, and noses on a photo of your pet, or someone youre photographing. Wiggle Face lets you place faces on themselves. Simply place a new face on a smaller face, and adjust the new face with Wiggly Eye, Wiggly Nose, and Wiggly Mouth. This feature is particularly powerful in the Face replacement effects.

New Light is a completely new feature for Eye Candy 7. Adobe Lightroom, you learned how to create a White Balance based on the ambient light in the scene youre shooting, and set your white balance based on that light. Eye Candy 7 lets you take that learned information and use it to guide you in choosing an appropriate white balance in nearly any situation. You can now view the effect of different white balance options in the Wiggle setting panel. Youll see how the different options affect the skin tones in your image. For example, if the light in your scene is very tungsten, you can choose a warmer, tungsten preset that will add orangey tones to your skin tones.

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Main benefits of Alien Skin Eye Candy

New in Eye Candy 6 was the ability to apply the same style to multiple layers. But in this release, we’ve gone further. You can now apply the same style to multiple layers simultaneously. Additionally, you can choose the effect you want to apply to each layer. The new style wizard makes this easy to do. Just select a style, and then select the layers you want to affect. You can then choose how to apply the style, such as Overlay or Invert. You can also choose if you want to retain the layer order and apply the effect on top of it.

The New Crop feature in Eye Candy 7 allows you to make complex crop adjustments with the click of a button. With this new feature, you can easily view and use the settings for the new crop feature in any image.

Actually the fun part for me was to go to campus and set up Eyecandy on a monitor. Some year ago I got the Mac version and the way it is set up is an ideal way to use Eyecandy. I also have Fireworks version for sites like flickr. In the end, Eyecandy was easier to use since it is a stand-alone program with an easy to use interface. The only downside was that you can not check out a site from firefox and load the images. It is an easy fix, since Firefox will allow you to preview the html page.

Download Fireworks for Photoshop or edit PhotoShop’s and Illustrator’s projects – online or offline. In addition, now you can use the highly requested Photoshop plugin, the ability to take all photos in a Fireworks project and apply them directly to Fireworks. With the introduction of Eyecandy 7, Digital Photo Professional and AnyEdit allow you to pre-package the files into a single package. You can then import them into your Fireworks projects and use the Eyecandy controls to apply them to your projects. This feature is supported by all major photo editing applications, including Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, and Fireworks.

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What’s new in Alien Skin Eye Candy

What's new in Alien Skin Eye Candy

  • Apple ColorSync Support
  • Importer, Compound Color, and Color Bender Presets – This update provides the designer with pre-configured effects presets, as well as the ability to customize presets for specific projects.
  • UI Fixes

Alien Skin Eye Candy System Requirements

Alien Skin Eye Candy System Requirements

  • System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.
  • CPU: 1.2 GHz
  • RAM: 1.5 GB
  • Hard Drive: 300 MB space
  • DirectX: 9.0

Alien Skin Eye Candy Ultimate Lifetime Nulled Version

  • WIQFE-W7B85-62EQI-J69FX-7T674-I45AS

Alien Skin Eye Candy Serial Code


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