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I had the most fun with ColorDirector. This easily editable, color-clipping video editor is a good option for amateurs with less than the $139.99 DigitalMedia director suite. You can download the Premium version ($29.99), which includes the full version of the software and access to their DirectorZone (a store where you can find 3,000 effects, transitions, effects plugins, and more for a monthly fee). The entry-level DigitalMedia edition (which you can purchase from CyberLink) contains a truncated version of the tools in the software’s $139.99 version as well as a set of tools in its $19.99-per-month version.

If you’re ready to invest in CyberLink’s $139.99 suite, there’s the Ultimate Suite. This includes all the products you can use, plus unlimited access to ColorDirector‘s Creative Suite of tools (which includes ColorDirector, Background Designer, Color Balance, and color correction filters). If you buy a year at $19.99, you’ll receive three (or three extra sets of) additional effects, a six-month subscription to ColorDirector‘s Creative Suite, and a LifeTime account. Once you install CyberLink’s suite you’ll see the Media Manager icon in the main menu. This lets you organize your media and create content, and it automatically imports RAW or JPEG image files. If your folder can’t hold them, you can opt for a Camera Roll drive for larger collections.

You can launch CyberLink from the web browser or desktop, too. Either way, the interface is similar in layout to other suites and provides a menu bar with tabs for the most commonly used tools. Once you’re in a project, there are half a dozen dialogs that tend to pop up automatically for various features. You can also download new plugins from the website to enhance the editing tools.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any real speed improvements with CyberLink PowerDirector 365 Full Crack when compared to other editor apps I’ve used. Videos like the one I created were as long as they were before the newest version and as easy to create and, in general, use. I also didn’t notice any real breakthroughs in video quality.

The previous version of PowerDirector was fast and well designed, but could be confusing to use. The new application is more streamlined and is clearly easier to navigate. The smart interface elements change with your content, which is a nice touch. For example, if you select a clip or an effect in the program, the utility buttons in the lower right display will show information about that item. In previous versions, you had to click on a clip, add text, or insert an effect, and then all the associated info would appear.

People who typically use iMovie are familiar with the interface, so its no surprise this version sports a similar interface. The Auto Import or Add from Cyberlink’s Image Builder tool allows you to choose your favorite format to import clips from, for example, your camera. There’s no dedicated folder to import to, as with iMovie. You save clips to a folder and drag them to the timeline, which is how you’d do it in iMovie.

The new version will import your existing iMovie projects, so you don’t have to start fresh. The import process is simple and seamless. It supports content from Final Cut Pro X (including Yosemite), Final Cut Pro 7, and even earlier versions, so you’ll be able to bring over your work without any loss of features. You also have the option to import projects from Premiere Pro if you prefer to work in the Adobe Premiere Pro Editor. From there, you can export to any of PowerDirector’s supported formats or do a simple preview.

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CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0 Features

Another even easier creation tool is PowerDirector’s Magic Movie Wizard. You get to this right from the startup menu’s Auto Mode option. This features a four-step process: importing source content, adjusting and enhancing that content, previewing, and producing. As with the templates you can download various Magic Styles from DirectorZone to use with this feature. It analyzes your content and delivers a project that you can output to a file, a disc, or to the main editor for tweaking. I found this last choice necessary, since the tool doesn’t know if two photos are nearly identical, and clips aren’t trimmed. I had better luck with Movavi Video Editor s similar Montage Wizard feature.

A timeline-based editor is the order of the day. Unlike Premiere Elements, which is more of a still-image editor, PowerDirector has always been front-and-center. Think of it as a Hollywood-style motion-picture editor, with titles, picture-in-picture, and a timeline. It’s simple to get around in, and there’s a simple keyboard shortcuts that you can assign to work the way you want. The interface is clean and navigable, and the color-grading tools are easy to navigate and use. What’s more, there are color-grading presets that you can apply to a shot or a whole clip. These include Lustre Contrast, HyperContrast, Clarity, ColorPhase, and Mischief. You can also create your own color gradation preset.

PowerDirector’s Timeline, like that of Photoshop’s, is a two-dimensional editing tool that lets you place up to 25 clips on it. One of the new timeline features is the ability to add “audio strips” to your timeline so that you can fade different parts of your soundtrack one after another. The timeline also allows for trimming, slow motion, speeding up, and volume controls. There are new multi-clip automation tools to auto-frame and auto-scroll. For example, you can have a single clip playing music of a particular song, and automatically jump to that exact spot, scrolling through the rest of the song if necessary.

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  • New designs that give the user interface a cleaner and less cluttered feel
  • Simplified browsing of and working with video, audio, and still images
  • Made a number of UI and usability enhancements to make creating multimedia projects easier
  • More video and audio editing options, including 1080p HD and H.264
  • Access to a full complement of image editing features like straighten, rotate, crop, and create special effects
  • Manage connected cameras, camcorders, and mobile devices more easily
  • More search and find capabilities to make the user experience even better
  • Made a number of enhancements to optimize performance and stability
  • Improved performance and speed

CyberLink Director Suite 365 v10.0 System Requirements

  • Windows OS: Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 64-bit Edition
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 2GB Hard Disk Space
  • 56MB Video RAM
  • Intel Core i3
  • Intel Core i5 or above
  • Qualified Graphics Card
  • DVD burner
  • HDMI or DVI and D-SUB TV card


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