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The beautiful images and modern interface of Cyberlink YouCam are certain to appeal to the masses. YouCam is available in both Windows and Mac versions. You can both record videos and broadcast live . YouCam helps you to record video calls in the following ways:

This feature lets you record a video call that is going on without any interruption. YouCam allows you to record video calls on capture, record, and screen sharing. You can use your PC screen to display the video captured, record the audio, and you can even perform screen recording with this webcam software. The application lets you to make screen captures and record video calls on any screen where you can locate your webcam. For example, you can capture video for Skype, Google Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, and more, and that too without buying any external webcam device.

Get any device on your home network to record and record remotely using the webcam solution. YouCam helps you to record screen videos easily. It enables you to share your screen video through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

YouCam is certainly for those who like to capture images and videos of their kids, pets, or even friends. With this webcam software, you can easily detect motion and capture a still image or a video file.

Made Simple: YouCam is a simple yet comprehensive screen recording and live streaming tool. The webcam application works quietly in the background and lets you connect live while capturing videos or stills.

CyberLink YouCam [Patched] + [Activation] For Windows

CyberLink YouCam 7 Essential the worlds best video editing software. With new and advanced features, you can create stunning videos, cut and trim video, and add special effects with a simple point and click interface. Ideal for editing, creating, and sharing videos!

This is the download for Windows operating system only. If you want to install this software for other operating systems, we suggest to contact the developers. Download Cyberlink YouCam 7 Crack

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But, it is fairly easy to see what you are getting from the long list of strengths with CyberLink YouCam crack. We will highlight what we think are the more interesting features for you.

CyberLink YouCam 8 DVD is an upgrade over the previous version of CyberLink YouCam crack. There are many of the same easy to use, yet complex, creative editing tools to make high-quality digital photos and videos, including:

The best thing about the CyberLink YouCam crack DVD UHD is that its the first edition to the CyberLink YouCam crack series that offers 4K UHD video quality for users.

This is the most modern and easy-to-use face recognition software. Download CyberLink YouCam crack 7 License Key Free Download and use it with your friends on social networks.

CyberLink YouCam 7 Serial Number enables you to save video presentations and share them on Facebook, YouTube, and many other social networks. You can also send them directly as emails. The CyberLink VideoStudio 12 Pro Serial Key provides free downloads of various types of video templates. You can create presentations quickly with a variety of options.

The CyberLink VideoStudio 12 Free Download lets you use all your favorite online videos in your timeline. You can add music, transitions, and even effects to your videos. You can apply several filters and can also crop your video to change the shape or size. You can use more than 50 editing tools to enhance the quality of your videos.

You can burn a DVD or record videos with your webcam using CyberLink DVD Studio Pro 12. You also get camcorder-like functions, including the ability to fine-tune zoom, keep time for video and audio, and record an image while recording a video. CyberLink VideoStudio 12 Free Download is powered by VideoXL.

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CyberLink YouCam 8.3 is available for purchase now. In addition to the new features already mentioned, YouCam 8.3 provides a new look that helps better match the new Windows 7 Metro UI. The new look is intended to be more in line with the new Windows 7 look and feel. YouCam 8.3 will also include a number of fun new edits that will help users remove their wrinkles, apply facial paint, and capture photos at certain points in time. This is achieved by providing you with real-time and automatic edit results.

New Features
New Look: YouCam 8.3 is designed to enhance the Windows 7 Metro UI. It also includes a new look that will better match the Windows 7 Metro UI. More specifically, YouCam 8.3 provides a new look that helps better match the new Windows 7 UI with its simplified interface. The new look is intended to be more in line with the new Windows 7 look and feel. YouCam 8.3 also includes a new column mode that helps more clearly view the feed in a single column. Users can easily customize the view to make the recording appear more like a screencast, while offering a new, zoom-in effect that will help users more easily view the image.

Real-Time Facial Lifting: CyberLink YouCam crack 8.3 enhances facial lifting technology with a new real-time face-lifting facial interface which lets users lift and smoothen their wrinkles. The new face-lifting technology relies on the face-lifting of a pre-recorded face on which the live-feed is to be enhanced, by gradually and smoothly lifting facial features as the live-stream is played. The new face-lifting technology is based on photo-technology that reduces the contrast between the facial skin and the background, resulting in a smooth, lifted and contoured look.

CyberLink YouCam Download Crack + [serial key]

In addition to the inexpensive YouCam software, the majority of HP products are now shipped with CyberLink DVD & Video Suite. This provides DVD rippers and video editing tools. CyberLink is also the name of a $5000+ CyberLink flagship suite of products which is marketed as a complete suite for photo, video and multimedia. It includes programs like FrameSync, PowerDVD, PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, RealPlayer, MobileLink, iManager, Web Center, iDVD, DVD MovieMaker and PowerProducer. CyberLink DVD & Video Suite features for YouCam are the YouCam Utility (YCU), YouCam Server (YCXS), YouCam Service (YCAS), YouCamCapture (YC3C), YouCamProfiler (YC3P) and YouCamTool (YC3T).

The main differences are the ability to use the CyberLink disc formats. YouCam will rip both DVD and BR discs which you can then upload to YouTube or to other social media sites. YouCam also does DVD subtitles and chapters just like CyberLink, but the library of decoded subtitles is limited. The CyberLink disc format can rip and encode all DVD formats, or at least most. YouCam can only rip and encode DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs which are proprietary formats created by CyberLink.

The CyberLink DVD & Video Suite contains a number of additional programs that you can use when editing video. YouCam also has a number of additional programs such as a video player and screen capture program. CyberLink DVD & Video Suite also comes with a larger number of personal screen capture and video editing programs than you can find in the much cheaper YouCam program. The CyberLink programs also come with a native Windows file compression (CPARAMS.PNG) method ( unlike YouCam which uses ZIP format for these tools).

CyberLink YouCam Description

CyberLink YouCam 8 now lets you create an animated avatar by drawing on a live webcam feed. The AI avatar creates a personalized facial expression based on live video. To create an animated avatar, simply open the software and simply draw what you want to see on your webcam. If the software detects that you are drawing on a textured surface, it will also add an animated background. You can change the color of the textured skin while creating an animated avatar. YouCam also offers a PhotoEditor to edit your existing photos. Once you are done editing, you can send the photo to Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Flickr and others.

For Skype users, YouCam 8 allows you to modify your video calls by adding filter effects such as Green Screen, Soft Focus, Gamma Shift, CleanSkin and others. The software also allows users to preview their live video feed before broadcasting it. For Google Hangouts users, the software lets you add animated stickers, draw on a live photo and even control a Google Chat conversation from your Skype video call. For YouTube Live users, YouCam allows you to add a background and logo in your own way, and add filter effects such as Green Screen and CleanSkin, as well as control a YouTube Chat conversation.

The YouCamTray.exe download can be a potentially unwanted program, which means it has been installed on your computer without your express consent.

Most laptops today come with a built-in camera, so people can take their chats to a different level. And for a smaller device, a webcam can be a big selling point in laptops. CyberLink manufactures some of the most popular and award-winning webcams on the planet, including the award-winning CyberLink YouCam crack and CyberLink YouPlus. Today, CyberLink is focused on making video/voice communications more engaging, enhancing social networking, and enabling all users to create and share media with ease.

With the release of the YouCam 8, which now includes integrated live streaming for your Facebook and YouTube videos. They have created a great experience with their easy-to-use and easy-to-share features. Enjoy seamless communication experiences and productive meetings over the web, anywhere.

YouCam 8 is the next generation of video camera solutions on laptops. YouCam8 has great image quality, and the latest Hi Res Live Streaming technology, making it the perfect choice for those taking videos that need to be featured on the web. For more details about the latest YouCam 8 release, visit the CyberLink site at

It is reported that YouCam pro is the most downloaded application on Google Play Market. YouCam is a free application which contains the amazing features of the currently popular expensive software such as WeCam which is the most popular webcam application in the world. YouCam offers a similar function to WeCam which is sharing the recorded video on YouTube, Facebook and so on without having to purchase expensive video editing software. It is highly possible that one of the reasons why YouCam is so popular is that it is so similar to WeCam. Also, if you are a student and you have a lot of projects to do, then YouCam can be of a great help to you. YouCam will allow you to capture both the audio and video without any issues, and you can edit and manipulate both the audio and video from it with absolute ease. And of course YouCam has more than 20 applications that are bundled with it. When you are free, just download the latest version of YouCam and play it. For a moment, you can be free from all the high end and expensive video editing software. With the YouTube application included in YouCam, you can easily upload your memories and sentiments onto YouTube and share with everyone. So why is it important? If you are a student, then YouCam is a wonderful app for you. Besides the fact that YouCam contains a YouTube application for you to share your stories and memories, YouCam also includes several photo editing applications. With its ability to capture both the audio and video, YouCam can help you create creative videos and audio, not that the audio quality is worse than that of the smartphone cameras. All in all, YouCam is the best application for those who are looking to share their stories and share their feelings with the world. If you are a student and you have a lot of projects to do, then YouCam is a wonderful app for you. Besides the fact that YouCam contains a YouTube application for you to share your stories and memories, YouCam also includes several photo editing applications. With its ability to capture both the audio and video, YouCam can help you create creative videos and audio, not that the audio quality is worse than that of the smartphone cameras. All in all, YouCam is the best application for those who are looking to share their stories and share their feelings with the world. YouCam Pro is also an interesting app for you.

This is software that is great for children. However, I found it as a time saver. CyberLink YouCam free download is easy to use and can be a great tool to add to your photo editing toolbox. If you’re in need of some light smoothing or just looking for a quick and easy way to add some light smoothing to your photos, I can definitely recommend CyberLink YouCam free download.

I actually use it quite frequently for my portfolio. Using this tool, I was able to accomplish something I haven’t been able to with any other software: add textures to my portfolio. If youre looking to use a software that gives you the basics and makes it easy to get going, CyberLink YouCam free download is a great choice.

Download OBS Studio: ( Free ) 15.


SplitCam may not be very popular, especially in comparison to names like OBS, Logitech Capture, YouCam, and others on this list. However, it is a nifty little webcam tool that offers a decent feature set. With SplitCam, you can easily use your webcam to record yourself, or stream videos.

It also comes with a bunch of cool effects that you can apply to make your webcam video look more appealing and interesting. These include things like regular filters to effects that make it appear as though youre in some exotic place. It also has a virtual camera feature built in, so you can use the software to share your screen or stream content from your computer.

The major drawback of this software, at least for us, is the fact that its not integrated with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That said, its free to download and use, and you should check it out.

To Viv: for skin effects only, you can use Cyberlink Youcam, they do offer skin smoothening. You can also try using good light: sit during the daytime right across your window, and you will great great natural blur effect this way. The Cyberlink software for me is horrible, lags a lot, and was designed with children effects that are a waste of time.

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Open Cyberlink Screen Recorder, Cyberlink U (U Webinar and U meeting) from its Start menu. A window will appear prompting you to close the program by clicking on the red “X” at the top left of the program.

Once you have installed the program, Open CyberLink Screen Recorder, CyberLink U (U Webinar and U meeting) and the user interface will display a welcome screen, click on the “Get Started” button.

The window will display a list of supported devices, the free CyberLink YouCam download is on the list. Press on the first item which is “Open” to open the program and launch the application.

YouCam comes with a nifty center screen and a smart imaging algorithm to enhance video capture quality from whatever you camera, not just your main camera. YouCam 6 provides eight ways to frame and configure the center screen, which can show pretty much anything from a Smartphone’s touchscreen, to your entire desktop. You can choose to broadcast the live feed to friends and family or create a live stream video that you can publish on Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo. YouCam may synchronize smartphone media files with your Computer and play media files such as photos and videos from your smartphone right from the computer.

Use the YouCam app to set up and edit your photos and videos, which you can share with your friends and family via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo.

YouCam can also connect to your Facebook or Google account to access your Facebook or Google photos and videos for editing, sharing, and creating videos, slideshows, and photo albums.

Moreover, users can enjoy editing on a host of desktop applications. The best alternative to Photoshop, YouCam offers intuitive tools that perform the same or better than those found in Photoshop. With touch-friendly features, you can apply filters and special effects right from within the YouCam app or upload to Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, or Vimeo. YouCam offers support for almost any kind of camera or camcorder, and will convert your photos from your camera to a variety of formats and sizes, including the ability to add watermark, upload your photos to Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and other services. Additionally, users can edit, enhance, and replace clips with images, text, and stickers from their camera.

YouCam 9 enables versatile shooting options when you are able to auto-switch to the device of your choice. The Instamatic Fun Control allows for up to eight autofocus modes that suit your needs: wide, standard, telephoto, macro, focus tracking, fast, slow, and off. The optimum quality allows you to create smooth zoomed images. The Smart Control also offers six exposure modes, including Smart Mode. This mode has a detection system to automatically choose the optimum exposure settings.

CyberLink YouCam 9 is able to detect movement and create the effects of a continuous panorama or 360 degrees panorama that measures five meters (16.4 feet).

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free CyberLink YouCam download 7 is a cross-platform application that enables you to create fun and unique effects for video calls and webcam sessions.

YouCam is an innovative software that provides comprehensive features and benefits for video chat from one webcam to another. No more tedious inputs with multiple steps for editing webcam settings. YouCam is a software for video chat. It serves webcams on the basis of:

As with most of the really cool mobile products, there are reviews of free CyberLink YouCam download 8 too. From the following list, you will see what those reviews said. Keep reading to know more.

CyberLink YouCam 2016 is more than just an efficient video chat solution. It’s also one of the most powerful creation tools out there. Users can enhance their webcam recordings with Face lerping, Lightbox photo editing, Skeleton effects and many other photo effects. They can even add a background to webcam recordings. The new YouCam has full screen recording, Webcam broadcasting and chat now available directly on your desktop.

CyberLink YouCam is a very useful and feature-rich software that is aimed at the casual users. This software is equipped with a large amount of its own editing tools and settings to enhance your chats, videos and photo-editing needs. This software is the best multimedia editing software in the world and is intended for users who are never sure of what video filter to apply when editing their videos. When you are using this software, you will feel as if you are playing video games, this software offers you more than 100 filters to choose from, besides having a large variety of the editing tools.

YouCam allows you to create videos from your camera or video recordings. At its most basic level, YouCam includes a ‘Share’ function where you can create a video from your webcam to share with your friends. More powerful features are available which allow you to create multi-camera videos from a time lapse series or directly from the Creative Cloud gallery. Multi-cam recording software like this is particularly useful to those who make video recordings as a hobby. YouCam can be integrated with a number of popular chat programs to create videos directly from chatting with friends.

YouCam has an easy to use interface and any novice will be able to easily handle this software to create their perfect photos and videos. YouCam is totally free and has a 30-day trial version. This will give you a good idea of what it has to offer. If you find this free version not to your liking, you can continue with the full version which is available for $89.99.

YouCam is easy to use and has a vast choice of effects and photo-editing tools. You can easily create videos from your camera, increase the size of your videos and photos.

YouCam does not perform better than other free apps. It should be noted that YouCam only supports webcams but in the future this will be included in the app.

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