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Office 2021

Office 2021 Professional Plus / Standart (Office 2021) is a world-renowned solution for organizing office documents. It is owned by Microsoft and provides users, editors and educational institutions with a package consisting of several applications.

The activated Microsoft Office 2021 is best known for three applications: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These tools allow you to work with documents, create books and essays, keep your own diary, create reports, tables and colorful presentations. Read more about these applications in the Office features section.

Almost every modern computer has Office 2021 or other versions installed. The age of digital technology requires a professional and comprehensive approach to working with documents, tables and presentations, which is what the popular product from Microsoft provides.

It is worth noting that there are several versions of the program. The 2016, 2019 and 2021 versions have identical application packages and features. As of this writing, Office 2021 is the latest version. Need more information about the product? Let’s move on to an extended description of its features!

Program Features

As you know, the program comes in several editions: standard and professional. The standard version is ideal for basic work with documents, tables and presentations. The professional version contains an extended package of applications that will be needed in business and development.

Standart Editorial Appendices

  • Word;
  • Excel;
  • PowerPoint;
  • OneNote;
  • OneDrive;
  • Publisher;
  • Outlook.

Professional Plus edition applications

  • Everything from the Standart package;
  • Skype for Business;
  • Project Pro / Standart;
  • Visio Pro / Standart;
  • Access.

More information about the basic tools:

Word. A classic document editor with a tiled interface. Its main purpose is to mark up, create, edit, and print documents. Like other applications of the product, it has built-in spell-checking features. Supports automatic creation of tables of contents, the use of graphics, changing the font and its design and much more. Ideal program for creating abstracts, work reports and other documents.

Excel. Tabular editor with automation functions. Just like Word 2021, it has functions for marking up the document by all parameters. Automation functionality allows the use of mathematical formulas, through which you can calculate any values. The main task is to do accounting, financial calculations and other operations related to formulas and numbers.

screenshot portable excel

PowerPoint. The main weapon of any schoolboy and business person. It is designed for creating presentations and slideshows. It is very easy to create a presentation of a product or a thesis, mainly due to its intuitive interface and available functions. Use transitions, animations, beautiful text and any graphics in your work.

screenshot portable poverpoint

Publisher. A program for developing your own designs for business cards, postcards, and other printed products. It replaces professional graphic editors and has a lot of possibilities for creating a unique product.

screenshot portable publisher

Visio. This application is part of the professional edition of Office. The software product allows you to create flowcharts and organizational charts. Helps to visualize the work process of any organization, software and not only. Integration with professional CAD products extends the capabilities of Visio.

screenshot portable microsoft visio

Outlook. A kind of email client for your computer. Add multiple mailboxes, sort emails and send new ones. Ready-made templates and a functional email editor help you compose and send emails

screenshot portable outlook

All applications, without exception, have ready-made templates. You can use them to start exploring a particular document tool. Before downloading the Office 2021 torrent, it is worth noting that the package is designed for modern PCs based on Windows 11 and 10. If your hardware is outdated, we recommend using Microsoft Office 2010 or older versions of the software.

Information for website visitors: the Office 2021, 2019, and 2016 pages are continually updated. Updates come at least once a month. Save the page as a bookmark to keep track of new updates and patches.

Activation is broken? No problem, activate it manually with the built-in activator. If you have already deleted the image, download the latest AAct activator from the corresponding page on our site.

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