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This feature allows you to give and receive responses in the Help>Messages window. When you are in the Help>Messages window, you can click “Send a response” in the bottom-right-hand corner to send a response to the person who asked you a question in the Help >Messages window. When you are replying to the person who asked a question, if they chose to contact you, they will be notified via email and the message will contain their email address in order for you to send the response.

This feature allows you to view and edit the color settings of objects in the Help >Images pane. Click on the image and the Coloring Options window will open. You can edit the color settings as needed, including the colors of the text and background colors. You can then click Save to save your settings. To delete an object, simply drag it on the screen out of the Help >Images pane and release it. You do not need to delete an object or color it to save your changes.

This feature provides users with the ability to generate customized help files. Drag-and-drop files onto the help console and the documentation system will generate a customized help file. This feature allows you to add images to the help file, set the layout, font, and style and other options that customize the help file.

This feature allows users to quickly send links to other help files in the app to the recipient of a help request. This feature is only applicable if the user who sent the request has chosen to make the help file public. To set a link to another help file, you will first need to click on the Share a Link to an Online Help File button. This will bring up the Link to an Online Help File dialog. Click the Link button and select a file on your computer. Click the Send button and the link will be sent to the recipient in the Help Request window.

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We hope you find these changes helpful. If you do, tell us about your experience with Help & Manual. You can find information on how to reach Help & Manual to submit comments or suggestions at:


For information on how to use VAMS, please log into our Help Manual Self-Service Portal at .

If you are interested in receiving our newsletter, please send an email to [email protected]

You can also use the toolbar to jump to a specific topic, section or chapter in your manual or document. If your document is structured as a Microsoft Word document, you can also use the toolbar to select the next or previous section.

Who is this for?: The majority of users who need online help for their software or games. Professional users, and users in need of a more collaborative development process, will also enjoy Help+Manual’s online collaboration and version control features.

Why should I upgrade?: Older versions of Help+Manual do not support all the features we’ve added since they were developed. Premium editions help you cover those gaps and offer many more features than you may need. The Premium edition also offers many additional VAMS-based features and some bugs have been fixed as well.

As you complete the tasks listed in the Role and Activity Matrix and Role and Activity Matrix & Activity Directory and those listed in VAMS, you will be able to access all of the VAMS functions available to you through an Internet connection. For example, you will be able to have additional email addresses, add healthcare providers in your “addresses” list, view healthcare provider activities and files, send warnings, access VAMS customers list, add, edit, delete or update addresses, create a new patient (including a VAMS ID), send reminders and/or recalls, create a new healthcare provider and perform other functions. See the VAMS Users Manual for more information about accessing the VAMS functions through your computer.

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What is Help Manual Professional

With this version, the Help+Manual database contains information regarding the use of FHWA’s National Bridge Inventory (NBI) in which information can be located about bridges, their maintenance histories and whether or not they have been documented using the National Bridge Inventory (NBI) System . The system can be used for many different purposes such as strengthening inspection and evaluation, improving classification and bridge construction

The Help Manual Professional database is intended to be used to provide notification of changes and updates with the most recent version that will change the information previously stored within the database. Such changes will apply to work products including a vendor’s catalogs.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Army Training Network (ATN) Training for all user levels of the program. Information on the construction phase for dams, levees, culverts, water control structures, and fish passage structures. Structural Specification and Construction (SSC) manual.

In some cases, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Army Training Network (ATN) Training for all user levels of the program. Information on the construction phase for dams, levees, culverts, water control structures, and fish passage structures. Structural Specification and Construction (SSC) manual.

Informal and formal training courses for non-engineers, including: Basic/Collapsed; Structural Details (SDF); Shape Modification (SM); Area Modification (AM); Storage and Disposition (SD); Interim Construction (IC); Ice and Water Related (IWR); Space Design (SD); Wind: Bull Code; Water: Avalanche; Waterproofing, Drainage, and Flood Control Manual;

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Help Manual Professional Features

Help  Manual Professional Features

  • Compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Add custom help topics to help documents.
  • Add images to help documents.
  • Add custom fields to help documents.
  • Add toolbar buttons.
  • Add online help to your website.
  • Create PDF help documents.
  • Create printed help documents.
  • Automatically create “missing” help files.
  • Write comments for your users.
  • Comprehensive support for XML (DocBook/SGML), HTML and HLP files.
  • Highly customizable user interface.
  • Multi-user support.
  • Intelligent shortcut management.
  • Subscriptions.
  • Speed optimization.
  • Visible help topics.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Automatically links to online help.
  • Only works with Microsoft Office.

What’s new in Help Manual Professional

  • Help for soft-landing a vehicle.
  • Deletion of a function or change in the ability to delete.
  • Fixed: The incorrect value of the kMnKernelPE value had been incorrectly specified in the FSH Code for certain versions of KDBCSv1.4.
  • Fixed: The CROSSWIN function had been incorrectly specified in the FSH code.
  • New: The ability to remove specific functions for a transaction.
  • New: Get info on functions.
  • New: Locate a hard disk.
  • New: Locate a printer.
  • New: Locate a DVD drive.
  • New: Locate a modem.
  • New: Locate a camera.
  • New: Locate a scanner.
  • New: Locate a projector.
  • New: Locate a VTR.

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