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Patch For Luminar Neo

Patch For Luminar Neo

In addition to improving safety with the technology of tomorrow, Luminars technology for the first time in history will be licensed to outside partners enabling the manufacturing of customized commercial vehicles.

In addition, Gores Metropoulos will assume responsibility for Luminars existing secured financing obligations, currently estimated to be in the range of $110 million, and will assume Luminarrs common stock and warrants outstanding, which are currently valued at a total of $400 million. In the transaction, Luminarrs investors will receive an aggregate of $800 million in cash and 0.1859 shares of common stock in a registered direct offering to be completed in a private placement.

As part of the transaction, Gores Metropoulos will pay an upfront cash purchase price of $750 million, which includes a fully secured revolving credit facility and is based on a 12% equity discount of $83.6 million or $9.2 million per share of Luminars Class A common stock, representing 28% of Luminars outstanding shares. Upon completion of the transaction, Gores Metropoulos will assume all of Luminars liabilities, including all loans and equity covenants, and receive all of Luminars assets free of liabilities.

Because of the large number of forward-looking statements, uncertainties and other factors, some of which are beyond the control of Gores Metropoulos and Luminar, actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements. These factors include, among others, Gores Metropoulos ability to meet, along with Luminarrs ability to meet, and the time and costs involved in completing the transaction.

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This press release may contain a number of forward-looking statements as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements include statements about the expected timing of the completion of this transaction, information concerning Gores Metropoulos or Luminars possible or assumed future results of operations, business strategies, debt levels, competitive position, industry environment, potential growth opportunities and the effects of regulation, including whether this transaction will generate returns for stockholders. These forward-looking statements are based on Gores Metropoulos or Luminars managements current expectations, estimates, projections and beliefs, as well as a number of assumptions concerning future events. When used in this press release, the words estimates, projected, expects, anticipates, forecasts, plans, intends, believes, seeks, may, will, should, future, propose and variations of these words or expressions (or the negative versions of such words or expressions) are intended to identify forward-looking statements.

The combined company will have an implied pro forma enterprise value of approximately $2.9 billion and an equity value of approximately $3.4 billion at closing. After giving effect to any redemptions by the public stockholders of Gores Metropoulos, the balance of approximately $400 million cash held in Gores Metropoulos, together with the $170 million in immediate financing proceeds, will remain in the company and a portion will be used to pay transaction expenses. As part of the transaction, Luminars stockholders will receive approximately 271.8 million shares of Gores Metropoulos common stock at closing. The $170 million investment made directly into Luminar is led by institutional investors including Alec Gores, Van Tuyl Companies, Peter Thiel, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Crescent Cove, Moore Strategic Ventures, Nick & Jill Woodman and VectoIQ, with the majority of the major existing investors participating. Net transaction proceeds will remain in the company and support continued growth across key verticals as Luminar executes on significant production and development opportunities.

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Who Uses Luminar Neo and Why Is It Important?

Luminar started in 2006 as a result of Austin Russells vision to use high precision lasers for automobile safety. Although a couple of companies had been working on lidar technology for many years, they failed due to poor performance and reliability. Luminar broke new ground by inventing the first high-speed capable solid-state laser for automotive applications. Luminars engineering has gone through some major changes over the years, but the goal for the long-term commitment to safety and reliability has remained the same.

Luminar has built partnerships to be the leader in autonomous driving technologies because we have the vision and know-how to lead the industry into a new era. In partnering with Gores Metropoulos, we are excited to have the financial and strategic resources to make it all happen.

Throughout 2019, Luminar has been making the right strategic acquisitions and partnering with the best autonomous driving startups, including Autentica, Viaero Systems, and QBIC. In July 2019, the company completed the acquisition of IQ Vision Systems, a leading artificial intelligence driven software and hardware platform that has enabled Luminar to deliver the state-of-the-art sensor fusion for their self-driving system.

In December 2019, Luminar announced plans to acquire Movio which is enabling luminar to license its deep learning technology to service providers to transform their in-car services such as navigation, music, and advertisement for enhanced in-car experiences.

In April 2018, the company formed a licensing and strategic partnership with Apple to jointly produce “Luminary” technology and a single high-precision LiDAR sensor to enable autonomous driving in vehicles based on Luminars technology.

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What’s new in Luminar Neo

  • New Perception and Routing Optimizations
  • Detect More Landmarks Relative to Context
  • Fix A Bug Related to Landmarks Rel Voting
  • Api Updates: Version

Luminar Neo Features

Luminar Neo Features

  • Luminar Neo 1.2.1
  • Luminar Libraries: Luminar.Device, Luminar.Library, Luminar.Motion
  • Android Support
  • OpenCV 1.4.2
  • Matlab Support Added
  • Fixed 4 crashing bugs
  • Fixed Many bugs
  • Fixed Bugs in the SDK (Luminar)
  • Fixed many documentation bugs
  • New Gui
  • New Window

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