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The latest version of MSI Afterburner can also give you a lot of useful information about your PC without having to launch any tools at all. MSI Afterburner has a built in GPU monitoring and tuning tool that provides information such as the GPU’s current thermal design power (TDP). This allows you to see how much heat your GPU is generating, and what it’s current temperature is. With that information you can make informed choices about how to boost your GPU to its maximum potential. This software can also monitor your GPU’s fan speed, which you can have your card control via the manual fan control options on the GPU. Even if you have a high-end custom cooling setup, MSI Afterburner will give you a basic idea of how much air is being pushed through your GPU by the fan on your motherboard, or fans within your chassis.

Another useful feature in Afterburners GPU monitoring/tuning tool is its ability to record in-game footage. Afterburner can record up to four video files in various encoding qualities, like H.264 or the current standard of VP9. You can also record each capture in split-screen so you can see two frames at once, and also capture your screen before and after you load a game. You can record with any capture device built into Afterburner, such as a screen recording tool like FRAPS, a game screenshot tool like Fraps, a webcam viewer like GHotshot, a capture tool built into a video player such as VLC, or if you have VBS, a webcam viewer built into a video player.

Afterburner can adjust your fan speed automatically in response to what Afterburner thinks your GPU may need. If a game is running slower than youd like, or youve got a lot of graphical rubbish going on in the background, you might need to adjust the speed of your fans by hitting the Adjust fan speed button. This will cycle through all of your available fan speeds, and then you can choose which fan to adjust based on your current situation.

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Before we get too far into it, you may want to know how to utilize the Afterburner Mobile App. Before you begin, you’ll want to download the Afterburner apps for IOS and Android devices. I assume all that is already installed, so let’s move on to the real meat of the program.. When you launch Afterburner for the first time, you will want to sign in and adjust settings.

The steps are simple and you can very easy download the app on both your IOS and your Android device. Don`t forget to re-install the MSI Afterburner Remote Server after that. The application is very simple to use. Once you’re setup and logged in, you can easily control the fans and temperatures as well as fine tune settings on your Overclocking settings.

MSI Afterburner lets you customize the exact voltage that every single core on your CPU runs at. Rather than giving you a single figure at a specific frequency to reference, MSI Afterburner gives you the actual core voltage that each core runs at. This prevents you from running your cores at 40 percent or 80 percent or 90 percent as most software does. It also lets you see how the voltage is distributed among all the cores.

MSI Afterburner lets you change the voltage for all the cores, without regard to the fact that each core in a multi-core processor can run independently. You can run all your cores at the same voltage or you can run each core at a different voltage, depending on your exact need. As with the core frequency slider, there are a lot of variables that effect the exact voltage your cores run at, but this slider is the best way to determine if you need to increase the core voltage or not.

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MSI Afterburner Features

MSI Afterburner Features

Now that you got your own PC, getting your CPU, motherboard, and other hardware to work together is critical. So, you could use MSI Afterburner to optimize and monitor your system to get the most performance out of your machine. With MSI Afterburner, you’re almost guaranteed to have tipptop hardware, and it has just the right amount of customizable options for you to keep an eye on your CPU. MSI Afterburner also has a GPU-Z utility, which can help you check the temperatures and voltages of every single component in your motherboard. This tool is especially useful for overclocking, but other than that, it’s also an awesome monitoring tool.

Knowing your PC’s hardware is also very important. With Lifetime MSI Afterburner Version, you can check all of the components in your system, and its also got an overclocking feature that will help you increase the speed of your PC.

Basically, everything about MSI Afterburner is awesome, especially if you’re a fan of overclocking your gaming rigs. With MSI Afterburner, you can quickly install profiles created by other users, make sure you have tiptop hardware and a cool monitoring tool, and have no problems overclocking. This is definitely one of the best programs for Windows.

What I love about MSI Afterburner is that it will automatically install on new computers with all the necessary drivers and software. In addition to that, you get a lot of overclocking options, and plenty of ways to tweak your system. Plus, its been battle tested by countless gamers in their own rigs.

The main menu is pretty easy to navigate. You can overclock your processor and RAM, your graphics card, and even your motherboard. When you launch MSI Afterburner, you can access its built-in overclocking screen in which you can manually tweak clock speeds, voltages, and more. When you press the OC button, you can opt for CPU only, or CPU and RAM.

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MSI Afterburner System Requirements

  • Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1
  • 1Gbps Internet Connection
  • 1.2GB free hard disk space
  • 3D Graphics card with 256MB RAM
  • AfterBurner 3.6.9

What’s new in MSI Afterburner

What's new in MSI Afterburner

  • Tools menu: Afterburner Remote Server
  • Added in-game overlay and custom fan controller settings.
  • Added title bar (OSD) change
  • New “Custom FPS” settings in Advanced Settings
  • New “Ati/nVidia control panel applet” section in Advanced Settings
  • New “Trident Acceleration” option in DirectX rendering settings
  • Bug fix
  • Added support for Maling’s DX Tooltip (text overlay)
  • Added support for ATI Xtreme Settings (fonts, XP Settings etc.)

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