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Whether you need to connect to a database, import or export information, perform queries or backup a database, Navicat Premium is a powerful application and a time and money saving tool.
The Navicat premium features include features such as: importing, exporting, importing remote database connection, exporting remote database connection, browsing, querying, manipulating data, changing data, creating users, changing users, deleting users, adding users, changing views, modifying tables, changing the schema of the database, copy/paste, copy/move files, sharing, referencing databases, installing and removing plugins, bulk update/delete/insert queries, simultaneous multiple connecting, password protection, multi-threading, logging and monitoring, exporting to XML, CSV, XLS, HTML and many other features.

Navicat Essentials is a tool that will help you to perform simple tasks. You can backup databases, tables and modify the schema of the database to match your requirements. Navicat is useful if you need to perform simple tasks such as: creating relationships between tables, modifying the schema of the database to match your requirements, creating views, functions, triggers, users, and other generic and meta-data queries, restoring databases from backups.

Navicat is suitable for:
– Accessing and editing data
– Creating tables, columns, views and other objects
– Deleting and renaming objects
– Applying referential integrity
– Creating triggers, constraints, and referential constraints
– Publishing to and retrieving data from a database.

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Most of the time, when you have to do the development or a project that involves database related programming, you need to manage the data structure/structure in a way that is simple and fast to use. This has limited your productivity and taking the learning curve which happens during that period of time will make you learn the basics of the database. With Navicat, you have an even simpler way of managing your database and your project. Navicat helps you create easy to work with connection to Oracle and even schema, a built in EPL environment to help you create schemas and easy to use front end interface which will also help you in the project.

While working with different database formats, I have been struggling to find a good and reliable product to work with database. I have used the product which I bought last year; however, after that, I could never get it to work as I wanted it to work. Then, I had made up my mind to buy a better and more stable product and I finally went ahead and purchased Navicat. It is worth buying and using it.

I am a technical person and my company uses Oracle database. I am not an expert of Oracle Database. But Navicat is a great tool for this and it supports all the database. I could easily manage my database and my project, which is perfect for my requirement.

My team at Businessbond has been using Navicat exclusively for the last 3 years and the product has been nothing short of brilliant. My knowledge of programming is fairly limited, yet the Navicat team made it easy to create triggers, functions, views and even a few schemas and have the entire database in shape in no time at all. I have been a fan of Navicat’s approach to Database administration for a long time but wanted to see it in action and here it is and it is good.

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What is Navicat Premium 16.1.1?

What is Navicat Premium 16.1.1?

Without this new release of Navicat we would be weeks behind schedule. With the improved connectivity, search functions, and improved query builder, it allows us to perform multiple tasks at once and quickly.

This version of Navicat Premium has grown to include not just ease of use and flexibility but also quality features like search functions and full CSV upload, export functionality. Coupled with the various online resources it is a really good way to import and export data.

As you can see, Navicat for MySQL, Navicat for Oracle, Navicat for PostgreSQL and Navicat for SQLite are all built on a common code base and use the same application user interface (UI). This enables you to use a single application to connect to any of them using different methodologies. For example, when you connect to MySQL you will see a different user interface than when you connect to an Oracle database using a different interface from a SQLite database.

Navicat Premium is the most comprehensive database management application of Navicat. Using Navicat Premium, you can migrate data from one database to another, see how your data is organized, handle different data types and views, and even share your data with others.

Navicat Premium comes with tools to design databases and schema that allow you to see data relationships, do data migration and make changes to your databases. To access your database, you can use Navicat MySQL Cloud Edition to generate a GUI application that lets you access to MySQL from any device. Also, you can set up and deploy the comparisons in seconds and perform the necessary changes. Navicat Premium Nulled includes user-friendly features that make it easy to manage databases like backup, restore, update and create. Besides, you can drag and drop tables and data from Oracle to MySQL, PostgreSQL to MySQL and even from Oracle to PostgreSQL. All in all, Navicat Premium can help database users to save lots of time and to manage multiple databases. You can also synchronize and compare databases with Structure and Data Synchronization.

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What’s new in Navicat Premium 16.1.1

What's new in Navicat Premium 16.1.1

  • Add a new parameter for DB2 9.7 to manage the DB2 9.7 DB connection and schema. This extension will allow you to work with oracle 10 to 18 and db2 9.7 for the database system.
  • Add new drivers for Mac. The ability to work with Mac.
  • Fix error occured when an app was not installed.
  • Improve performance and stability.

Navicat Premium 16.1.1 System Requirements

  • PHP 7.1+,
  • MySQL 5.5+,
  • Apache 2.4+.

  • 0F8NI-012CB-ATVS8-89KIO-6Q5RX-S3EHC
  • 37D9Y-IFGJW-A7GF1-2ASAF-Z601D-5Z2HY


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