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Waterfox is the only browser out there to achieve a PEGI rating of 0. This means its completely safe for children and of course for you. Features include an innovative download manager, built-in navigator, multitasking, and fast loading. For PC users of 64-bit versions of Windows, the waterfox binary is just as convenient for everyday use as the default Firefox binary. As the Waterfox Web site states, speed is its mission. Waterfox was the first to implement a full 64-bit browser, complete with all of the features found in Firefox, including crash recovery, quick searches, and a private browsing mode. For users of 64-bit systems, Waterfox Classic Offline Installer comes with a nice set of tools that make it easier to protect your privacy, including a content blocker, privacy protect panel, and a history slider.

You can run whichever extensions you like and have some serious privacy as you browse. Waterfox doesnt sell access to your personal information like other companies. From privacy tools to tracking security, you are responsible for who sees what. Waterfox for PC is more than just a browser. We fight to protect your online privacy and keep corporate powers in check. Browse independently with Waterfox!

Waterfox Classic Offline Installer provides a clean, fast, and simple Firefox installation. Get yourself an interface as clean and intuitive as Firefox with Waterfox. This is complete Firefox installation and it is easy to use! To make sure your experience is optimal, Waterfox employs some of the best in the community and actively welcomes contributions to further enhance performance and stability. Users of 64-bit versions of Windows can get the best of both worlds. To make sure your experience is optimal, Waterfox employs some of the best in the community and actively welcomes contributions to further enhance performance and stability. Users of 64-bit versions of Windows can get the best of both worlds. Software designed for 64-bit Windows editions can take advantage of faster RAM and processing speeds and greater stability in 64-bit systems. As the Waterfox Web site states, speed is its mission.

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The add-ons are a big one for me. I used Waterfox before and loved it. I can’t live without add-ons. I’m on Ubuntu Linux and I use Thunderbird to check my email. Like I said, I use Waterfox as my browser. Once I did my research, I came to know that Thunderbird doesn’t natively support anything that Waterfox does, but Waterfox works perfectly with Thunderbird. Aside from that, it’s run perfectly for me. Waterfox works perfectly with Chrome. I have yet to have a single problem. And, I’ve never had a problem with Windows. The only problem I’ve had is since I have very bad internet and do not have any Ad-Blockers installed, Waterfox will show ads from sites that don’t have Ad-Blockers installed. In addition to that, I had those issues with Firefox. Firefox over time, just got worse and worse at being a stable browser.

Pros: Waterfox works very well. It’s fast. The interface is very simple and customizable. The settings are easily manipulated to your liking. The add-ons are very powerful. I really like the way that the loading page on Firefox is set up.

Mozilla, the company that makes Firefox, has been working on new features to improve the Firefox browser. In an effort to improve their browser, they have released the Waterfox browser as a safe replacement for the Firefox browser.

Bottom Line: Waterfox is a slow, buggy, and not a good browser. But, if you are looking for an easy and simple to use alternative to the Firefox browser, it’s a good option. It’s definitely not as fast as Mozilla’s Firefox, and is definitely slower than Google Chrome. It may not be as stable as Chromium, but it does have some cool features.

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What is Waterfox Current G4.1.5 and what is it for

What is Waterfox Current G4.1.5 and what is it for

The main idea behind Waterfox is that “A browser should do one thing and one thing well” and that a browser should do it as well as it can. Firefox’s rendering engine (Gecko) is very good at one thing – rendering web pages and gives them the best possible experience when viewing them in either the main browser or on a mobile device.

Waterfox is nothing but a rebranded and fully ported version of the original Firefox with the benefit of a lot of effort put into optimization and usability. Compatibility with the great addon and web extension ecosystem of Mozilla Firefox is one of the key features of Waterfox. This is why it has been nominated for the Mozilla Open Source Awards .

Waterfox is a lightweight browser with compatibility for web extensions. It is not a browser development company and it is just a browser that is based on the Gecko layout engine. It integrates the command line and a control panel and also is available through the web.

Just in case you’re interested in the differences from other browsers — In Mozilla Firefox, the Add-On Manager provides a single interface for managing add-ons. In Waterfox, there are a set of extensions grouped by category (see the Add-On Manager pane on the bottom right of the screen.) The overall organization of the add-ons is inspired by a Windows desktop folder structure. The add-ons are presented in a folder (directory) which is open at the time you run the program. The whole set of extensions is automatically downloaded. You may install and run them without prompting.

Waterfox supports the latest HTML5 features and provide a Firefox-like browsing experience with many of the advanced features and security of a web browser. Combined with the user experience, feature and privacy customization options of Mozilla Firefox, Waterfox is the ideal choice for users looking to be the most productive, secure and compliant browser on the web.

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Waterfox Current G4.1.5 System Requirements

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 1366×768 screen resolution
  • 500MB of free disk space (unpartitioned space)

What’s new in Waterfox Current G4.1.5

What's new in Waterfox Current G4.1.5

  • Improved extension handling for Windows systems.
  • Addressed a number of minor bugs.
  • Migrated to the Rust release process.
  • Drop support for extensions and themes downloaded from Mozilla and Firefox.
  • Moved on to Firefox 50 and its WebExtensions API.
  • Added support for --enable-webextensions-api command line option.
  • Addressed a server-side @try, [catch, finally] issue for extension-embedded targets.

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