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Instead of painstakingly inserting a custom MIDI clip into your song, use the MIDI controller capability of BIAS Effects to control a virtual MIDI pedal or effect with an easy-to-use gesture editor. MIDI automation chains lets you process and control multiple MIDI clips with a simple gesture. This is a great way to navigate sounds, chorus, flange, etc. by simply selecting MIDI notes. Use the MIDI editor to select your MIDI clip, assign a Midi key to it, drag the MIDI clip to the intended MIDI automation function, and place the MIDI clip into a MIDI automation chain. BIAS Effects will assign a MIDI controller to the MIDI clip to control the effect from a MIDI controller. Use the MIDI automation function to set MIDI automation ranges or assign MIDI notes as automation triggers.

BIAS FX + has more than 1,200 new presets that can be instantly switched via MIDI or MIDI automation. Each preset has 4 sets of scenarios. Use BFX preset techniques to find the right settings for any type of sound you are looking for. You can quickly find settings that range from tremolo patterns to a big sweeping flanger. Using preset techniques gives you instant access to a huge library of sounds you can achieve with your guitar.

BIAS Amp is a fully featured, dual effect processor. With 2 parallel signal paths, BIAS Amp can process two guitar/bass signals at once, just make sure they are connected to input 1 and input 2 of BIAS Amp. With over 30 critically acclaimed algorithms, as well as a huge library of over 100 different amp models, BIAS Amp gives you over 1000 different amp models at your fingertips. Each of the three advanced controls in BIAS Amp can be assigned to a different MIDI controller channel, allowing you to move the controls around the studio and in any way that suits your workflow.

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Use BIAS FX 2 Elites 16-Zone Equalizer Utility to quickly, easily and precisely set the tone of your guitar rig. BIAS FX 2 has multiple presets for the most popular models, and you can save your own custom tone setups and recall them when you next load up BIAS FX 2.

BIAS AMP 2 is the most feature-rich amp ever to come from the world-renowned guitar boutique firm. Featuring sonic innovations such as Contour EQ, Hi and Lo switches, Contour Amp LED, and Intelligent Hi/Lo settings, the amp is designed to help you realise your guitar tone. The Contour EQ feature will let you control the tonal output of each channel individually using a glowing graphic you can move using the slider. The same controls are also used for the hi/lo switches. Two other positive features are the ability to adjust the gain of the clean channel without affecting the gain of the distorted channel, and the ability to tone stack the channels using the Low Gain button or turn them completely off.

Hands up if you ever worked out how to change the settings on your speakers or guitar amp! Did it all sound great for a while, then suddenly it wasn’t? Even if youre still playing professionally, chances are youve just played with a slightly new setup and werent sure what to expect. Luckily, you dont have to struggle to recall the settings on your amp or speakers again! In BIAS FX you can easily change the settings of your amp by simply clicking theamplitude knob to select a new position. Then just find your favorite amphead or speaker, and voila, you have a new setting!

Creative ways to stretch your delay – BIAS FX 2 Elite doesnt limit you to creating just the classic octave pitch-shifted delays you know and love. There are 8 different modes for you to experiment with, including a broadband Delay, Harmonic Delay, Delay with Delay and Echo, and a Kontakt 5-delay mode. Of course, you can still play and set up the Delay Stages with the same controls and functionality as they were designed for.

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Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Description

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Description

Beyond easy-to-use controls for selecting and editing slots in your collection, BIAS FX 2 lets you fine-tune the settings of up to 180 instruments individually. Each guitar can be assigned a unique character over time by controlling a tone sweep that occurs on up to three parameters. Whether youre controlling the Playback, Reverb or Master Volume of your guitar, BIAS FX 2 and its built-in Stacks feature will make your guitar collection more affordable than ever. BIAS FX 2 was built by musicians for musicians.

Include BIAS FX 2 in your app suite to add a guitar, bass or other instrument for practically limitless tonal variety. Hundreds of variants can be made of any instrument you choose to match exactly the character you hear in your head, using anything from a single second of recording, to a full-length song. With a single push of a button, BIAS FX 2 can change your guitar into the real thing. Each guitar also features GIST echocome for unlimited individual character control.

The possibilities are endless. BIAS FX 2 lets you make guitars, basses, pianos, violins, synths and every instrument imaginable to sound completely unique. So youll never have to settle on a boring one-size-fits-all sound. Take control of your tone and your sound, and play your guitar or bass however you want, as a guitar or bass, and a guitar or bass. Then get your friends to put their own input on it, using BIAS FX 2s Stacks feature. Have fun!

BIAS FX 2 is the latest update to the legendary and world-famous Bias Audio BIAS FX 2 amp plug-in. With a revolutionary new guitar sound engine, and 700 new factory presets, BIAS FX 2 offers the ultimate guitar tone fix, featuring a number of new features.

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What’s new in Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite

What's new in Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite

  • Performance enhancements to the BIAS FX 2 Expert.
  • New ‘Range’ processing unit is ideal for adjusting guitar tone and tone stack output gain.
  • New DSP engine delivers more than just good sounding FX and Compressors. Good sounding DSP effects are the cherry on top of a guitar track. Positive Grid has lots of good sounding effects and now its easier to tweak them and apply to your session.

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Features

  • Performance
  • Build quality
  • User interface
  • Maximum customization
  • More features

Positive Grid BIAS FX 2 Elite Pro Version Code

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