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I bought Xara Designer Pro and bought Xara Photo & Studio along with it. Everything worked fine until they were totaled in my tornado. I had to use XP and the error messages I saw were eye-opening. One of the most important differences is that Xara pro was able to make the “Print Package” option that Magix does not have. Not only that, I couldn’t figure out how to print a double-sided layout and if I tried, the one side was blank. The price difference is about $90 and $60 respectively for one account. I am worried that the price change is not in my favor, it’s 20% more than the previous version and it uses up two more accounts than before. If the price of the software is reduced, I would cancel my Xara installation and go back to the original. The updates are important to me because I work in an all-photography/photographer’s world where my wife and I have similar software needs. “Updates” means to allow us to create an ongoing conversation for all of our work.

Magix left me with questions and that was the reason for my purchase in the first place. I’m surprised that Magix would cost so much more than Xara. Apparently Magix has a very limited marketing budget and could only offer support in the official languages (English and German) to make this price. Xara has been offering support in Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, and Portuguese. I have yet to see support in other languages. I currently use the German client, but need help from English support. My German interface does not have full support for my English clients. (This is a list of the support offered: http://www.xara.com/xara-desktop-support-datenblatt/) I have tried other German support I found in Google, but was not able to obtain an answer in German. If it turns out that Xara is only offering support in German and I have a problem with English, I will have to speak to the client that I have already paid for since it is by far their worst option. Is that fair? No. If I choose to go forward with my purchase, I must be sure that my request is fulfilled. I will not buy German support for my English clients.

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Xara Designer is a must-have vector graphics editor both for the beginners and graphic enthusiast as well as for pros. Amazingly powerful, yet very easy to acquire advanced skills with user-friendly interface. What’s also impressive is the sheer amount of tutorials and how-to hints easily available (Xara Xone) including the large program user community, always able to provide an advice and widely publishing graphics created in XARA. Exists as a standalone program installed on a PC or as a Xara Cloud app.

Xara Web Designer Premium (opens in new tab) [XWDP] is a website design software which allows you to create complex sites without needing to know or understand HTML coding. Unlike most of its competition, which offer their services through your web browser, XWDP is a dedicated application which you can only access from a Windows PC. No Mac, tablet or phone access for you (although the pages it creates can be viewed on any device).

Xara Web Designer (opens in new tab) [XWDP] is a website design software which allows you to create complex sites without needing to know or understand HTML coding. Unlike most of its competition, which offer their services through your web browser, XWDP is a dedicated application which you can only access from a Windows PC.

You can also save images in 8 different resolutions from JPG to PNG, and you can even save to the popular GIF format. The program uses a new native file format called XPS (Xara Persistence Storage) which is designed for layered graphics. You can also export to a variety of different formats, including vector PDF, TIFF, and various bitmap formats.

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Xara Designer Pro Plus X Description

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Description

I am setting up a new computer and I want to download Xara Designer Pro again, but I would like to know if there is a step-by-step process on how to do this? I know that it is easy to download the Xara Designer Pro & Xarama package, but it would be nice to be guided through the process so that I do not have to re-learn everything.

I appreciate and accept that the lack of information is a method of not having to sell one product. I can appreciate you need to cover what product you have. But, I could have read that in another way: you have a product that is so good that your employees and managers forget to consider customer needs. You must need the protection of a large company to prevent Xara from developing the things in its target market. Lest we ever forget, even without Xara Pro-Plus, there are many out there selling applications and software. You simply have a cheap solution that you want to cover with a confusing name. That is why I have not deleted your post in the hope that other members will write a tutorial for customers rather than blind support. I am also not sure if I stated that if you have a question, post it in public, in the hope that one of the fine Xara/Magic staff can answer in public. I am paying for this, but how do I know if you care or not Or is it another way of “censorship” as you want so much web traffic?

Software package vs. Modules: I have no idea what you are talking about. Magic is a marketing company who sell their products through a sales network. So, if you have a Xara application, that application is bundled with the Xara package. It needs no “modules”. If you want to update or get updates, you log into the Xara Desktop software and the software offers you the update. The individual Xara modules are merely plug-ins to help you use what you are currently using. As with Xara +, the modules do not need to be installed and your use of modules does not interfere with the Xara desktop.

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Xara Designer Pro Plus X System Requirements

  • 2GB RAM at least
  • Windows
  • 18.0 or higher bit internet connection
  • 320 by 240 pixels standard monitor
  • 20MB or more HDD space
  • All optional plug-in are included free
  • Type of file loading: Zip or Winzip

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Features

Xara Designer Pro Plus X Features

  • Simple interface with simple drag and drop options
  • Photo Editor – easy to manipulate, live objects
  • Illustration – easy to manipulate and animate
  • WYSIWYG editor – Create and edit almost any type of document
  • Magical Eraser – Easily erase images, objects, or text

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